Craniosacral Therapy - The Biodynamic Model

The Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy model is based on the work of Dr. William Garner Sutherland, DO., and the founder of Cranial Osteopathy. Dr. Sutherland began his exploration into the cranial bone motion at the turn of the 20th century. His later work moved away from boney movement and focused on a series of interrelated pulsations and rhythms within the Central Nervous System that affected the whole body at the most fundamental ordering and healing principle within the human body-mind experience.

Dr. Roland Becker, DO., continued Dr. Sutherland's work through the 20th century and Franklyn Sills RPP and other gifted practitioners continue to refine the principles and methods of cranial work and carry it into the 21st century.

Original Blueprint of health

Each of us has within us an Original Blueprint of perfect health that is expressed at the moment of our conception and remains with us our entire lives. Health is a principle: it is not dependent on particular mind-body states. Therefore, even in the most desperate health situations, this inherent blueprint is still completely intact. The blueprint is a direct expression of the Breath of Life - the action of a divine intention - that is the inherent ordering principle around which our cellular and tissue world organizes.

Furthermore, your inherent health and life itself, is expressed via motion. Whether this is seen in the voluntary motions of the musculoskeletal system or the involuntary motions of the cells, fluids, and tissues of the body, life is in motion. Resistances and congestion within the tissue and fluid relationships of the body lead to pain and dysfunction. These disturbances within the body are the result of our experiences such as traumas and injuries, and are influenced by our genetics.

Experiencing a Craniosacral Therapy session

Essentially, work within the cranial field is the art of intelligent and intuitive listening. Practitioners learn to perceive the body's intrinsic movement, dynamic rhythms, and pulsations. Within this context, they are able to appreciate the inherent health within the system and its historical patterns of trauma, pathology, and inertia. Through this perceptual process, practitioners can assist both the expression of the inherent health of the system, and the resolution of its inertial forces and patterns.

Because the body is self-healing and self-regulating, it already has all the information it needs to heal and maintain a balanced state. The intelligence at work within the mind-body process knows what to do. The skilled cranial practitioner simply accesses this knowledge. The session plan, or the exact sequence of what needs to happen within a session context, is inherent within the disturbances found in the system. The practitioner assists and facilitates this inherent healing intelligence to reconnect with its state of balanced health.